Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I've joined Silicon Valley Data Science

I'm happy to announce that I've joined Silicon Valley Data Science as VP of Strategy.

I'm excited as we build an all-star team of data scientists and data engineers to take on interesting and difficult problems. It's all about using data in a smart way to create new capabilities and amplify existing ones.

I'll also be continuing as chair of Strata and Editor in Chief of Big Data.

Why the new gig?

Because being a part of inventing the future is irresistible.

My career with technology has always been about helping people do more and better. In tech, we're at a time of such phenomenally exciting change, for both people as individuals and businesses. Smart use of data, more than anything, has the ability to focus and multiply our potential as humans.

It's also hard to resist the chance to work with a great team. John Akred, our CTO, has always had a deeply perceptive view of how big data is changing the way we build information systems. Stephen O'Sullivan built what I consider to be the prototypical data platform while at Walmart Labs, as well as being one of the best engineering leaders in the business. CEO Sanjay Mathur has deep management experience, and our chairman Jim Sims brings everything he learned in building Cambridge Technology Partners.

There are more incredible people I can talk about shortly. In a time when finding data talent is tough, I'm proud that we've got the team, the interesting problems, and the career opportunities to be a beacon for the best.

(Needless to say, if you're a data person at the top of your game, I'd love to talk.)

Taken from my first strategy meeting. Think I could get used to this.

On leaving O'Reilly

One never truly leaves O'Reilly, for which I'm glad. I'm hugely grateful to Tim O'Reilly for the opportunities I've had and the lessons I've learned working for him. The amazing conferences team has been my home for four years, and I'm very proud of how Strata has grown to be the central big data event, and that OSCON has continued to thrive as open source moves from disruptor to default. Now I get to be a "GOO"—a graduate of O'Reilly—a contributor to Radar, and continue as part of the wider family.

I'm going to relish this opportunity to take the data message I've been spreading through Strata into the reality of solving tough and important problems.