Monday, December 23, 2013

Geek On The Go: Mini Jambox

I'm a relentless optimizer and a gadget nut. If something sticks for more than a few months, then it's likely to be a decent fit for my lifestyle. The idea behind the "Geek On The Go" blog posts is to share the best equipment and habits I've found for travel as a technophile: check out the other articles in this series.

Mini Jambox and Jambox together
When you travel a lot, you want to find a way to make whichever room you're in feel a bit more like home. Music, podcasts or Netflix help a lot. I can never be bothered to battle with the TV remotes in hotel rooms, and even if I do, there's only garbage on most of the time.

Unless you want to wear headphones—not something I would even try in the shower—you'll have to make do with the tinny sound of your tablet, phone or laptop. Enter Jambox: a small box that makes a pretty big sound. Although there are imitators around, Jawbone's Jambox was early on the scene and sets the standard for Bluetooth speakers.

Unfortunately the original Jambox was also just a little bulky and heavy. The new Mini Jambox fixes those problems, and retains the same great sound. Pictured, for comparison, are the two together. As well as being smaller, the Mini has a refined industrial design with a pleasing aluminum enclosure.

All the Mini's other features work like you'd expect. The new Mini has a much improved physical interface, and great battery life. A big bonus for me is the speakerphone mode, letting you turn pretty much any room into a good place to have a conference call.

Throw one in your bag and make your next hotel room feel a little more like your own space.